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Novelty Ice Cream


Italian Ice

  • Marinos Cherry Ice 12CT
  • Marinos Coconut Ice 12CT
  • Marinos Cola Ice 12CT
  • Marinos Lemon Ice 12CT
  • Marinos Orange Ice 12CT
  • Marinos Rainbow Ice 12CT
  • Rosati 6 oz Blue Ice 12CT
  • Rosati 6 oz Cherry Ice 12CT
  • Rosati 6 oz Lemon Ice 12CT
  • Rosati 6 oz Patriot Ice 12CT
  • Rosati 6 oz Waterm Ice 12CT
  • Cry Baby Sour 12CT
  • Rosati 10 Oz Coconut 12CT
  • Rosati 10oz Blu/C Candy 12CT
  • Rosati 10oz Mango 12CT
  • Rosati 10oz. L/Lime 12CT
  • Rosati 10oz. Sr. Apple 12CT
  • Marino 10 oz Lemon 8CT
  • Marino 10 oz Cherry 8CT


  • Blue Bunny 2 Ball Blue Screwball  24CT
  • Blue Bunny 2 Ball Cherry Screwball  24CT
  • 3 Oz Van/Ch Cup 24CT
  • 3 Oz Van/Ch Cup 36CT
  • Avalanche Cook/Cream 10oz 12CT
  • Screamers Cook/Cream 10oz 12Ct
  • IttiBitz Birthday Cake 12CT
  • IttiBitz Cookie Dough 12CT
  • IttiBitz Cookies n Cream 12 CT
  • IttiBitz Cotton Candy 12CT
  • IttiBitz Mint Chip 12CT
  • Jolly Ranch WMelon Cup 12CT
  • Typhoon Screw Ball 12CT
  • Shots Straw/Lemon 24CT
  • Sundae Choc 12CT
  • Sundae Straw 12CT
  • Wells Chocolate Shake 12CT


Ice Pops

  • Bomb Pop Jr. 24CT
  • Bomb Pop Jr. 72CT
  • Fudge Bomb Wells 12CT
  • Hawaiin Pnch Bomb Pop 12CT
  • Jol Ranch Bomb Pop 12CT
  • Warhead Bomb Pop 12CT
  • Watermelon Bomb Pop 12CT
  • Bubble Gum Bar 24CT
  • Cotton Candy Bar 24CT
  • Cyclone 24CT
  • Rainbow Ice Pop 12CT
  • Savage Sour Blue Bar 24CT
  • Savage Sour Cher Bar 24CT
  • Scribblers 24CT
  • Sour Lick-a-Color 24CT
  • Trop Paradise Mango 72CT
  • Popsicle Big Stick RWB 24CT
  • Patriot Rocket RWB 12CT

Push Ups

  • Push-up Ice Cream 24CT
  • Push-up Rainbow 24CT
  • Push-up Jolly Rancher 24CT

Ice Cream Bars

  • B & J Cherry Garcia 12CT
  • B & J Half Baked Bar 12CT
  • Cook n' Cream Bar BB 24CT
  • Crunch Bar Rich's 24CT
  • Fudge Frenzy Rich's 24CT
  • Orange Cream Bar 24CT
  • Candy Center 24CT
  • Good Humor Choc. Éclair 24CT
  • Good Humor Straw. S/Cake 24CT
  • Good Humor Toasted Almond 24CT
  • Good Humor Prem Vanilla Bar 24CT
  • Good Humor Birthday Cake 24CT
  • Good Humor Magnum Dbl Peanut Btr 12CT
  • Good Humor Magnum Caramel 12CT
  • Good Humor Magnum Almond 12CT
  • Good Humor Magnm Double Choc Van 12CT
  • Blue Bunny Vanilla Funwich 24CT
  • Blue Bunny Vanilla Crunch 24CT
  • Good Humor Oreo Cook-n-Cream 24CT
  • Good Humor Girl Sct Thin Mint 24CT
  • Good Humor Reeses Cup 24CT
  • Snickers Big One 24CT
  • Twix Bar 24CT
  • Klondike Kandy Bars 24CT
  • Hood Chocolate Éclair 24CT
  • Hood Straw. S/Cake 24CT
  • Hood Vanilla Bar 24CT
  • Perry's Choc Éclair 24CT
  • Perry's Straw. S/Cake 24CT
  • Perry's Van. Bar 24Ct


  • Taco 24CT


  • NSA Klon Van Square 6CT
  • Klondike Orig. Sq. 24CT
  • Hood Sports Bar 24CT

Face Pops

  • Batman 12CT
  • Bugs Bunny 12CT
  • Hello Kitty 12CT
  • Little Bratz 12 CT
  • Minions 12CT
  • Ninja 12CT
  • Power Puff 12 CT
  • Sonic X 12Ct
  • Sour Patch Kids 12CT
  • Spiderman 24CT
  • Sponge Bob 12CT
  • Tweety 12CT


  • Big Dip Choc Cone 24CT
  • Big Dip Cook Cone 24CT
  • Big Dip Straw Cone 24CT
  • Kemps Old Fash Cone 24CT
  • Giant King Cone 12CT
  • King Cone 24CT
  • Oreo King Cone 24CT
  • Nut Cone Perry's 24CT
  • Van Brownie Cone 24CT

Snow Cones

  • B/Gum Snow Cone 12CT
  • Good Humor Snow Cone 24CT
  • Jol Ranch Rain Sno Cn 12CT


  • Big Boy Mini Sand. 48CT
  • Perry's Chocolate Sand 24CT
  • Giant Neopolitan Sand. 24CT
  • Giant Vanilla Sand. 24CT
  • Kemp's Van Sandwich 24CT
  • Perry's Low Fat Ice Cream Sand 24CT
  • Mrs. Fields Cook Sand 12CT
  • Oreo Sand. 24CT
  • Prem. Cookie Sand (Chipwich) 24CT
  • Birthday Party Sandwich 24CT

Fruit Bars

  • Froz Fruit Coconut 24CT
  • Froz Fruit Lime 24CT
  • Froz Fruit Mango 24CT
  • Froz Fruit Pine. 24CT
  • Froz Fruit Straw. 24CT
  • Marina Fruit Coco 24CT
  • Marina Fruit Banana 24CT
  • Marina Fruit Straw 24CT

Dry Ice

  • 1/4 Block
  • 1/2 Block
  • 3/4 Block
  • Full Block

Ice Cream Pricing varies from $7.50/box, up to $30.00+/box
Please call for pricing.